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06 juin 2015

T-Pain Says Usher Told Him He Ruined Music, But No Hard Feelings

T-Pain just added some much-needed context that softens the blow everyone assumed he took with Usher's comment -- saying it's not as big a deal as he perhaps made it seem. TP writes, "I still love and respect @Usher telling that story was in no way… Permalink

Courtney Stodden Wants in on Potential Chrissy Teigen, Oprah Interview

Courtney Stodden thinks an Oprah interview with Chrissy Teigen on cyberbullying would be remiss to leave out one important piece to the story ... Courtney Stodden!!! Courtney was on their way into their show Friday at the 1720 in downtown Los… Permalink

'Bling Empire' Star Christine Chiu Backs Chef in 'Asian Hate' Debate

Kane Lim might've been doing more bad than good with his harsh words about Yamashiro -- whether he knew it or not ... this, according to his reality TV costar, Christine Chiu. We got the "Bling Empire" cast member leaving Craig's in WeHo Friday… Permalink

Chrissy Teigen Rips Michael Costello, He Insists He's Telling the Truth

Costello is firing back -- he says for the last time -- by insisting once again that he spoke the truth about Chrissy bullying him and trying to get him blacklisted ... and claims he has "receipts of emails and confirmations" to prove it. That… Permalink

John Legend Responds to Michael Costello Claiming Chrissy Teigen's 'Victim-Blaming'

Chrissy's husband, John Legend, is coming to her defense and accusing Costello of faking the DMs to insert himself into the controversy she's dealing with. John points to the story that broke alleging the DMs were manipulated as "receipts," and… Permalink

Kelly Dodd Goes Off on Braunwyn Windham-Burke Over 'RHOC' Firings

Kelly Dodd may no longer be part of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" cast, but she's kicking the reality TV drama into overdrive anyway ... and directing her ire at Braunwyn Windham-Burke. As we told you, both ladies will not be returning for… Permalink

'Bling Empire' Star Kane Lim Accused of Spreading 'Asian Hate'

Chef Vallerie tells TMZ ... Kane told her he was interested in going back to Yamashiro, but it didn't feel sincere, and she's "not looking to create a photo opportunity for him." The chef says she's also been harassed and bullied recently by others… Permalink

Chris Hemsworth Trolls Chris Evans on His 40th Birthday

Chris Evans turns 40 Sunday, and Chris Hemsworth honored his co-star with a very misplaced and very intentional Happy Birthday diss!!! Captain America was duly honored by his "Avengers" co-star, who posted, "Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you'll… Permalink

Lil Yachty Excited for Live Music Festival Energy Again, Talks Cardi/Nicki Beef

Lil Yachty's so pumped for live music festivals to make their return this summer ... he's ready to dive backflip right in. The rapper says the absence of in-person concerts over the past year has been really tough, so just the thought of taking the… Permalink

Chuck Liddell Shoots Down Potential Fight With Jake Paul, I'd Hurt Him

Sorry, fight fans ... Chuck Liddell says there will be no upcoming boxing match with Jake Paul -- the UFC legend tells TMZ Sports he'd HURT the YouTuber if a scrap ever went down. Liddell told us out in L.A. that even though the two have beefed… Permalink

Richard Marx Dismisses Rand Paul's Claim of Inciting Violence Against Him

If Senator Rand Paul wants to keep beefing with Richard Marx, it sure seems like the '80s hitmaker will be right here waiting for him ... on Twitter. Marx is not taking a social media break after Paul publicly accused the singer of calling for… Permalink

Martin Bashir Denies Duping Princess Diana Into BBC Interview

Martin Bashir -- the journalist who infamously interviewed Princess Diana and just got trashed for it -- says he didn't do anything wrong or deceitful in nabbing the sit-down ... despite what an independent report has concluded. Bashir made his… Permalink

Bryce Hall Gunning To Fight KSI After Austin McBroom, 'He's Talking Crazy About Me'

Bryce Hall hasn't even thrown down in his first official boxing match yet ... but he's already planning #2 -- explaining Wednesday he wants a scrap with KSI badly!!! The TikTok superstar -- who's all set for a celeb fight with YouTuber Austin… Permalink

Lakers' Dennis Schroder Boycotting Kyrie Irving Shoes After Altercation

"Unfortunately, l can’t wear them no more. It’s not possible after what happened in the game." Los Angeles Lakers star Dennis Schroder says he's DONE rocking Kyrie Irving's signature shoes ... explaining it's all 'cause the two got into a spat… Permalink

Courtney Stodden Open to Face-to-Face Meeting with Chrissy Teigen

Courtney Stodden would entertain a sit-down with Chrissy Teigen to hash out their differences -- but Courtney's really just ready to get back to the grind. Sources close to Courtney tell TMZ ... Chrissy's apology for her past abusive behavior was… Permalink

Chrissy Teigen's Cookware Line Off Target Website, But Not Stodden-Related

Sources connected to Chrissy tell TMZ ... the break-up with Target was a mutual and amicable decision reached way back in December. We're told she launched the cookware line exclusively with Target in 2018, but late last year, they decided to end… Permalink

Lisa Vanderpump Sent Restaurant Tab to Archenemy Kyle Richards' Table

Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards are such bitter enemies they're always looking for new ways to stick to each other -- such as Lisa sending her restaurant tab to Kyle's table. So, here's the deal ... Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, hit up the… Permalink

Chrissy Teigen Apologizes for Courtney Stodden Attacks, Courtney Responds

Courtney tells TMZ ... "I accept her apology and forgive her. But, the truth remains the same, I have never heard from her or her camp in private. In fact, she blocked me on Twitter." Courtney adds ... "All of me wants to believe this is a sincere… Permalink

Bradley Beal Claps Back At Kent Bazemore, Your Hamstring Joke Wasn't Funny!

Bradley Beal is firing back at Bazemore ... saying the dude really missed the mark with his comment -- 'cause there's nothing funny about being injured. The Wizards star hopped on "First Take" on ESPN minutes ago ... saying he agreed with… Permalink

Courtney Stodden Claims Chrissy Teigen DM'd 'Me to Kill Myself'

Courtney Stodden says Chrissy Teigen did more than just publicly tweet mean things to them ... Courtney claims Chrissy told them "to kill myself," and Courtney almost did. Courtney, who identifies as non-binary, claims Chrissy all but salivated at… Permalink


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